El Paso church adds HD lenses, cameras to new auditorium

Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso, TX, recently completed construction of its main auditorium, doubling its capacity to seat 3620 members.

As part of this upgrade, the center added three Fujinon HA 18X7.6ERM-M Premier Series ENG HD lenses with 2X extender and Digi-Power servo mounted on Thomson Grass Valley DMC 1000 cameras.

The lenses are positioned at a midpoint in the auditorium and were chosen for their ability to capture crisp HD images and provide congregants with close-up shots of the pastor.

According to Jimmy Salas, lighting and video director for Abundant Living Faith Center, the center screen of the new auditorium is 31ft long, which requires a high-quality camera and lens for close-ups that are projected. The new video system helps members of the congregation better connect with the pastor “because they can truly see his emotion and the passion of his message coming through in the shot,” he said.

A portion of ALFC weekly services is recorded for broadcast Sunday mornings on the FOX affiliate in El Paso. The services are recorded in full, uncompressed HD and downconverted to SD prior to airing.

Michael Garrison Associates (MGA), of Fresno, CA, integrated the technology systems of the facility and specified the Fujinon lenses.

For more information, visit www.fujinon.com.