Eitb Broadcasts gets flexibility with DNF USP

Basque media group Euskal Irrati Telebista (EiTB) has installed DNF Controls' Universal Switch Panel (USP) with integrated SNMP support. The investment is part of a more flexible signal-quality management system being installed at the company's facility.

The USP provides the broadcaster with fast, accurate manual control over signal switching from a simple interface. Although EiTB's already has an automated system for managing redundant signals and switching an alternate source in the event of signal failure, it wanted the ability to switch signals manually using simple push-button controls.

Prior to installation of the USP, the only way operators could take over switching was through accessing the main control computer in order to find the right channel menu — among the 14 available channels — and changing it with a mouse click. Now EiTB has installed panels in its various control rooms and can make manual source switches effortlessly.

The 1-RU USP offers a panel of multipurpose, configurable push-button switches with an easy-to-use interface that emulates the operation of mechanical push buttons. The system adds a high degree of flexibility and application-specific functionality not available in conventional push-button panels. The panel's isolated relay contact switch closure (GPO) simplifies the unit's interface while an opto-isolated tally input (GPI) allows for realtime status of external devices.

DNF Controls President John Duggin said: "The USP gives EiTB operators the freedom to work the way they want to work — in manual or automatic mode — and provides simple, single-keystroke control over main and alternate source selection."

The USP was installed by Spain's Broadcast Meditel S.A.