Education Channel goes File-based with Video Technics

When the Education Channel decided to provide a 24/7 broadcast service to its viewers, there was no shortage of challenges, biggest of all being budget constraints.

Final Cut Pro was their editing software of choice, so the new system had to be compatible. Edited footage is moved onto a DVCam tape and then loaded to the server, thereby adding a format requirement. Due to the Education Channel’s plans to move to a larger facility with multiple edit stations, scalability was also an issue, as was ease of use.

After considering many server solutions, they opted for an Apella SDX from Video Technics Inc. The Apella SDX platform provides SDI and analog I/O connectivity, support for DV and MPEG-2 files and up to two inputs or four outputs simultaneously from a single chassis. Its cost met with favorable reviews, as well as its support of the broadcaster’s workflow.