Editware edit controller integrates with Omneon multichannel video servers

Omneon's Media Server System features network interfaces, disc-based storage subsystems and system software.

Grass Valley, Calif.-based editing software vendor Editware has been working with video server manufacturer Omneon Video Networks, located in Sunnyvale, Calif., to enable Editware's new Fastrack media controller to access source material stored on Omneon's multichannel video servers.

Both companies said that the first installation benefiting from this alliance is Prime TV, Australia's largest regional broadcaster. With affiliates in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Gold Coast, Prime TV has installed the Fastrack media controller along with Omneon video servers to facilitate tapeless digital video production.

With Editware's Fastrack media controller and Omneon servers, Prime TV has a real-time editing solution. Digital media stored on the server can be directly edited using the Fastrack, allowing the repetitive task of producing numerous similar promos to be accomplished in a fraction of the time required before the upgrade.

Prime TV's new facility was integrated by Editware's exclusive representative in Australia, Gencom Technology, which worked closely with Omneon to integrate Fastrack with the servers and other post production equipment.

Omneon's support of multiple data types on its servers, combined with device control provided by the Fastrack editor, allow customers to work in a number of video formats, including serial digital (ITU-R601), DV, MPEG or HDCAM. They may even choose to master in a different format than the original material, all in real-time, according to Adolfo Rodriguez, Omneon product marketing manager.

Designed for use with virtually any video server, Editware's hybrid Fastrack editing controller provides the power of a linear editing system, along with the key elements of a nonlinear system, such as immediate access to any frame of any server resident source clip. Fastrack inserts, deletes or changes material on a server-based timeline or playlist through an intuitive, convenient graphical user interface.

For more information visit www.editware.com and www.Omneon.com.

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