DVB to show MHP boxes and apps using DVB-T

The DVB Pavilion – SU6207 - will offer a smorgasbord of the latest technologies and services based on DVB standards. A number of MHP compliant set-top boxes will be on display.

Advanced Digital Broadcast will be show its i-CAN set-top box utilizing a live video feed. For more information visit www.adbglobal.com.

Alticast's AltiCaptor is a small, flexible, and portable DVB-MHP middleware that is widely adopted and already deployed with digital set-top boxes today.

Alticast will demonstrate the AltiCaptor, its MHP 1.0.2 compliant middleware and the AltiWorks system for delivery of applications and dynamic data to the set-top box using DSM-CC object carousels. A prototype of Alticast's MHP Return Path Framework is included to demonstrate server elements necessary to support interactivity. Applications shown include a T-government application and SkyLife's 15 virtual MHP applications (games, educational applications, real estate, stock ticker, news, VOD). For more visit www.alticast.com.

Fraunhofer IMK will present a prototype application which allows broadcasters to create visual links at arbitrary positions on the screen synchronized to the A/V feed that leads the viewer to further information. Also, IMK is going to present ZDFdigitext, a high end page based information service developed for German public broadcaster ZDF which is already available as a regular free-to-air MHP broadcast via Astra. All applications will be demonstrated using DVB-T. For more information visit http://imk.gmd.de.

Sony Business Europe will demo the Sony Open DataCast Platform for the production and delivery of MHP based ITV, comprising the MediaGateway MHP Authoring System, the MediaManager Service Management System and the MediaCaster Object Carousel Server. A local DVB-T network will be on-the-air and a Sony MHP capable iDTV set will be shown. For more visit http://bssc.sel.sony.com/Professional/service/index.html.

Also present will be experts from Strategy & Technology. The group played a significant role in the development of the MHP spec and also in the launch of terrestrial interactive TV applications on the now defunct ITV Digital platform, using MPEG, which the UK adopted when it went live with DTT in November 1998. For more visit www.s-and-t.com.

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