DTV, Accessories to Lead CE Sales; Portables Growing Category

DTV and accessories are projected to lead factory-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics in 2007.

That’s according to the Consumer Electronics Association, which projects factory-to-dealer CE sales at more than $160 billion for the year.

In its semi-annual forecast, CEA projects 8 percent industry growth in 2007.

The largest contributor in terms of dollar sales continues to be display technologies. Forecast to reach shipment totals of $26 billion for 2007, the display category—including the category’s anchor, flatscreen digital televisions—continues to grow. More than 30 million digital televisions are projected to ship by year’s end.

The portable communications market will grow substantially in 2007. CEA is projecting that $20 billion will be spent on portable devices, an increase of 12 percent over last year. The organization said smart phones, including the Apple iPhone, typify demand for “converged wireless” capabilities like e-mail, Internet browsing, instant messaging as well as audio and video entertainment.

Accessories have emerged as a booster to overall CE sales, as CEA predicts sales will reach almost $9 billion, with 317 million accessories units shipped in 2007.

(Radio World)