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Dr. Phil Monitors With Wohler

The CBS "Dr. Phil" show is now using Wohler gear for monitoring purposes as the result of an upgrade to the Paramount Pictures Stage 29 facility where the show is recorded.

According to Wohler, the facility upgrade included a new control room, editing facility and several set modifications. The Wohler monitor model selected was the RM-2435-HD, and these are installed in the dubbing facility for confidence monitoring purposes. The RM-2435-HD occupies only 2RU of space and is 2-1/4-inches deep. It provides both video and audio monitoring and is switchable between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.

"The ‘Dr. Phil’ show has built a strong following based on its reliable delivery of engaging content, and the RM-2435-HD offers the show's production team a convenient toolset for maintaining the best broadcast quality," said Jeff McNall, national sales manager/market development at Wohler.

"Dr. Phil" is carried by more than 200 television stations and since it debuted in 2002, the series has been ranked second among all daytime talk shows.