Down Under: Quinto Redback Lowers Price on Converters

Quinto Communications recently released the first in a line of new Australian products, the Redback HD and SD digital-to-analog (DAC) converters. The products are standalone units, which Quinto said can form the backbone of many types of broadcast facilities.

The first model, the HD12D, is a full broadcast 12-bit converter that distinguishes incoming video formats and provides composite, component or S-Video outputs. The HD12D, operating in HD or SD mode, will reportedly pass VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) information such as teletext to the analog signal. The unit can also de-embed digital audio and convert it to analog using high quality 24-bit DACs.

For users operating only in the SD domain, the new SD-12E provides similar attributes as the HD unit, but is more economical, according to the company, which has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as Auckland, New Zealand.