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DNF's 'Analyst' Gets High Marks at U. of Washington

The streaming media, video and TV technologies division at the University of Washington is using The Analyst RS422/RS232 tester by DNF Controls.

The tester rules out potential problems by allowing resources to be directed at fixing the real problem. Not just for experts, the Analyst can be used by non-experts too, enabling them to test in seconds what once took at least 30 minutes and required specialized knowledge.

Jerry Morin, video network engineer at the university likes the tester. "Without the Analyst, it can be very difficult to locate communications problems," he said. "Now that we've been using it for a while, we're looking into adding the logging option to provide us with an automatic record of its findings."

Users can identify cable-wiring errors without opening up cables or de-soldering pins, the Analyst can verify signals paths, identify certain adapter problems and check bits per second and parity.