DisplaySearch HDTV conference to offer sessions on HD audio, IPTV

DisplaySearch will hold its fourth annual HDTV Conference Aug. 15-16 at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. This year’s overall theme is “The Future of Television.”

Two new sessions have been added on HDTV audio and IPTV.

The “HDTV Audio — Will Audio Advances Parallel Those of Video Advances?” session will explore new solutions for flat-panel HD sound, coming audio advances and how much these solutions will cost. Executives with Cirrus Logic, D2Audio, Dolby Laboratories and THX will participate in the session.

The conference’s IPTV-related agenda item will focus on how new avenues into the home, such as IPTV, are impacting how viewers watch television. The session will include a discussion of home networking, media centers, set top boxes and taking media on the go. Speakers at this session will include representatives from DivX, HDMI, HP, Intel, Minerva Networks, QUALCOMM and Sling Media.

For more information, visit www.displaysearch.com/hdtvconference.