DIRECTV, USA Network, USTA to serve up interactive US Open coverage

DIRECTV, USA Network and the USTA will provide tennis fans with the first-ever interactive TV coverage of a major U.S. tennis event through a new service.

Free to DIRECTV customers, the interactive service will expand USA Network's national coverage of the 2006 US Open with the ability to view up to five matches simultaneously on a special US Open Mix Channel. In all, DIRECTV customers will have access to up to 300 hours of tournament coverage, including more than 100 additional matches.

DIRECTV will use USA Network's production resources normally used for cutaways from matches featured during USA Network's national coverage at US Open tennis courts. Viewers will be able to select from any one of several live matches. With the US Open Interactive service, viewers will have access to five channels of expanded coverage of the day's action on the featured courts during the US Open's first five days. (The US Open runs Aug. 28-Sept. 10.)

In addition, the US Open Mix Channel will present the matches and USA Network's own coverage simultaneously with live on-screen scoring. Viewers with interactive equipment will be able to highlight each cell to hear live audio specific to the cell's featured match, and can tune to any match full screen by pushing a button.

In addition to the expanded coverage and the US Open Mix Channel, viewers will have access to a half-screen scoreboard overlay on both the US Open Mix and the extra Court Channels. The scoreboard will feature the previous day and current day's match results, as well as the next day's upcoming matchups.

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