Digital Alert Systems Updates Expiring IPAWS Certification

(Image credit: FEMA)

LYNDONVILLE, N.Y.—Digital Alert Systems has announced an update to its Federal Emergency Management Agency digital certificates that are used to authenticate messages from the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). The company’s previous certificates were set to expire on Oct. 28.

Digital Alert Systems’ new IPAWS Certificate Authority credentials are for the One-Net and DASDEC Emergency Alert System/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) encoder/decoders. CAs are designed to create a chain of trust between and EAS device and the IPAWS server. 

DAS encourages One-Net and DASDEC users in the U.S. to replace the expiring certificates to ensure devices continue to operate properly. All EAS participants are required by the FCC to configure their systems to reject all CAP-formatted EAS messages that include an invalid digital signature. In the event that the certificate is not updated, users could either receive an error message or the device might ignore valid IPAWS alerts.

DAS says that it is working with IPAWS on a process that would automate these kinds of updates in the future.

The new CA is available on the Digital Alert Systems website