Dielectric to show new antennas at IBC2006

Dielectric Communications will display several new antenna products at IBC2006 in Amsterdam.

The company has supplemented its 700MHz MobileMedia product line with a series of antennas and filters engineered for the 1.67GHz spectrum. This new product line includes panel antennas as well as traveling-wave antennas, with both offering various pattern options. The traveling-wave design allows for a broad choice of beam tilt and gain without increasing the above-the-horizon radiation.

The new MobileMedia mask filter with less than .3 percent bandwidth offers excellent performance in a compact design. The filter uses a pseudo-elliptic design with high Q dielectric resonators. This design is excellent for low-cost, high-power applications.

Dielectric offers FLEXLine flexible dielectric cable in both air and foam configurations. The air dielectric coaxial cable is available in 7/8in through 6 1/8in line sizes and features precision fitted connectors. The foam design is available in 1/2in, 7/8in, 1 1/4in and 1 5/8in sizes. These cables feature copper inner conductors, a highly closed-cell foamed polyethylene insulator, an oxygen-free copper corrugated outer conductor and polyethylene jackets.

Also on display will be offerings in Dielectric's Flash Technology-brand tower lighting. The FlashTech 324 medium-intensity tower lighting system is a dual-strobe unit that provides a white strobe for daytime operation and a red strobe for nighttime operation. Each unit includes a photocell that senses changes in the level of ambient light and triggers the power converter to switch its mode accordingly. The system consumes 90 percent less power than conventional incandescent beacons.

For more information, visit www.dielectric.com.