Dielectric, DTVPros Add Antenna, Low-Power System to Four States

RAYMOND, MAINE—Dielectric has announced that it recently installed a TFU Series UHF antenna, as well as a digiTLine rigid transmission line system to UHF DTV Channel 18 in Panama City, Fla. DTVPros helped facilitate that sale.

The side-mount, elliptically polarized, directional antenna was engineered to service Channel 18 with approximately 50 kW of input power. The antenna system also minimizes wind-load resistance, which was a factor because the tower location were the antenna was installed can see wind speeds up to 130mph.

In addition, DTVPros signed agreements with TV stations in California, North Dakota and Wisconsin for the installation of Dielectric Powerlite systems. Complete with an antenna, flex transmission line and filtering, the Powerlite series represent low-power VHF and UHF systems.

Dielectric is a developer of antennas and RF systems for TV and radio. DTVPros is a full service buyer’s agent that specializes in RF system planning and selection.