Diamond Intros Compact OTA HD Receiver

Diamond Multimedia, which makes PC graphics and sound cards and related communications products, has begun shipping its HDTV100--an over-the-air HD, UHF/VHF (75 ohm) and analog cable receiver with portable antenna. The unit allows users to watch TV on their laptop or PC.

The HDTV100 is a pen-drive sized USB 2.0 dual tuner system TV receiver allowing users to receive free OTA ATSC and analog signals to watch in Windows on a computer. It has a silicon analog TV tuner for hyper-band cable and terrestrial antenna reception. The portable device is powered by the USB bus (no extra power adapter required), according to the company.

With the included software and an infrared remote, users can schedule recordings (pause, rewind and replay 1080i content), as well as play back MP3s, digital phones, videos, recorded TV and DVD. It supports EPG and channel name recognition.