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Detroit Public TV Adds Utah Scientific Routers

Detroit Public Television (DPT) is now using two Utah Scientific high-definition video routers in its first HD production vehicle. The truck’s equipment compliment includes both a Utah Scientific Utah-400 48x64 digital video router and a Utah-200 32x32 analog stereo audio matrix.

“For use in a TV truck, we needed a compact chassis, but we also needed the capabilities afforded by a generous number of crosspoints,” said Helge Blucher, DPTV's vice president of engineering and technology. “And because we are a nonprofit with a tight budget, the price was critical. I looked at more expensive products, but they didn't give me anything more than Utah Scientific--not to mention we're gaining the company's outstanding reputation for reliability, quality, and support.”

The DPT production vehicle is used for production of entertainment, arts, and sporting events programming, and is also made available for rental to other parties.