Details of EAS Changes Revealed

The FCC has released the details of its EAS review on which it voted in May.

The order requires EAS participants to accept messages using Common Alerting Protocol after FEMA adopts standards. CAP involves the transmission of EAS alerts as text, audio and video via broadcast, cable, satellite, and other networks.

Part of the intent is to make it easier for the disabled and non-English speakers to receive alerts.

As part of its review of EAS, the commission seeks comment on how best to deliver alerts as well as broader emergency and public safety information to these groups. The agency also seeks input on how EAS is or isn’t working and whether additional testing, station certification and assessments of how well the system works after an EAS warning has been triggered.

Comments to EB Docket No. 04-296 are due 30 days after the Further Notice of Rulemaking is published in the Federal Register.

(Radio World)