Designers add visual flair to ‘100 Biggest Weather Moments’ with 3-D

The Weather Channel produced hundreds of 3-D animations to tackle the top weather events of all time.

For “The 100 Biggest Weather Moments,” broadcast designers at The Weather Channel relied on MAXON’s CINEMA 4D software to create more than 200 3-D animations for title frames, countdown frames, the opening, bumpers and lower-thirds. One noteworthy 3-D shot for the program was of a sweeping landscape, using a camera path that evoked visions of an "earth re-entry" from an orbital perspective

While "The 100 Biggest Weather Moments" was “an enormous project,” in the words of Eddie Terrill, senior design specialist at The Weather Channel, CINEMA 4D was up to the task, seamlessly working with Adobe After Effects and providing “extremely stable” rendering.

The design team used CINEMA 4D to create the fantasy-based imagery, which conveyed a larger-than-life sense of proportion with oversized numbers for the countdown to the top weather event. The animation presented a top-down view of a hurricane and sunrays that resembled Hollywood searchlights.

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