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Demand for HD PVRs experiences dramatic growth, says In-Stat report

HDTV is fueling continued growing demand among consumers for personal video recorders, according to a new In-Stat report.

The report, “The PVR Product Market: Demand Remains Strong,” finds that demand for HD units experienced dramatic growth recently. According to In-Stat analyst Mike Paxton, over the past 18 months, HD PVR shipments have passed SD PVR shipments and now make up nearly 75 percent of all personal video recorder shipments.

The report also found:

  • Global PVR unit shipments exceeded 25 million in 2008.
  • Multiroom or “whole home” PVR service has become available in an increasing number of U.S. cities over the last year.
  • On a regional basis, growth of PVR products is much stronger in Asia Pacific and Europe, compared with the more mature North American market.
  • Over 25 percent of U.S. survey respondents were extremely or very interested in multiroom PVR capability.