Defect Cited in Samsung Blu-ray Player

As both camps rush to get their products into the hands of early adopters, bugs in the first line of some HD DVD and Blu-ray products are being discussed across various technology Web sites this summer. Some reviewers have suggested Toshiba may have jumped the gun a bit with its ramp up of the Qosmio laptop, the first such unit with a built-in HD DVD drive (HD Notebook, July 20, 2006).

After some mixed reviews on various tech Web sites regarding the Samsung BD-P1000 Blu-ray player , a Toshiba spokeswoman confirmed it's actively working on the glitch.

Jim Sanduski, senior vice president of marketing for Samsung's Audio and Video Products Group, said "Samsung is currently working to revise the default settings on the noise-reduction circuit in the Genesis scaler chip to sharpen the picture. All future Samsung BD-P1000 production will have this revision and we are working to develop a firmware update for existing product."