Decisionmark and Macro Image Bring “point and click” HD viewing to PCs

Two television industry manufacturers have teamed up to bring HD viewing with electronic program access to personal computers.

Decisionmark, creators of the electronic program guide (EPG), and Macro Image Technology (MIT), a manufacturer of television tuning cards for PCs, are joining to bring HD viewing capability to the computer desktop.

The alliance will allow PC owners to take advantage of a complete hardware and software solution for viewing analog, digital and high definition terrestrial television broadcasts. MIT’s MDP-100 TV tuner card allows HD viewing on a PC at a fraction of the cost of current standalone HDTV sets. The TitanTV EPG, which will be integrated with the card, provides computer users with an accurate “point and click” online source of digital television listings.

MIT’s MDP-100 card is sold through the online multimedia store Digital Connection at

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