DCI adopts ScheduALL ERMa for enterprise collaboration

Diversified Communications (DCI) is building on its ScheduLINK system with the addition of ScheduALL’s Enterprise Resource Management Application (ERMa), providing ScheduALL-to-ScheduALL connectivity to better serve DCI’s broadcast customers. Based in Washington, D.C., DCI’s business focuses on video transmission and production services for the broadcast TV industry, with special facilities and credentials serving live coverage from Capitol Hill and the White House.

Leveraging recent investments in ScheduALL’s ScheduLINK, a tool that DCI uses to schedule bookings and optimize its antenna and satellite transmissions, ERMa will provide DCI with the ability to publish inventory directly to its customers’ ScheduALL systems. This allows customers to reduce double entry or have to use multiple systems to book services as well as receive up-to-the-minute data on availability.

DCI also boasts mobile HD, SNG and flyaway services, operating a 23-antenna C/Ku/Ka-band teleport, and manages a switching infrastructure interconnecting the Verizon Washington AVOC, the DC Switch, VYVX, MediaXtreme, Genesis Networks, PacTV and Eurovision.