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Dallas Fort Worth Station to Test Analog Switch-Off

KTXA (TXA 21) in Dallas/Fort Worth will be the latest station to run an early analog switch-off test to help its viewers keep their sets on during the DTV transition.

On July 23 between 7 and 9 p.m., TXA 21 engineers will switch off the station’s analog transmitter for approximately 15 seconds. During that time, only viewers whose televisions are equipped to receive a digital signal will be able to view the broadcast.

“This is the most reliable way to know if you are ready for digital TV,” said TXA 21 Senior Vice President and Station Manager Gary Schneider. “If your set goes dark during that time, you will know that you still need to take action before February 17.”

As part of the test, TXA 21 will help viewers understand the steps they need to take if they learn that their TVs are not digital ready. Topics addressed will include the converter box coupon program, digital antennas and more.

In addition, consumer electronics experts will be available after the test to answer questions about the transition. Viewers may call the special TXA 21 News hotline (1-877-Texas-11) with their questions or get answers via email or live online chat at the station’s Web site,

TXA 21 is a CBS affiliate along with its local duopoly partner, KTVT (Channel 11).