CustomFlix to support OpenDVD technology

CustomFlix Labs, the company that this year introduced the new concept of on-demand video and DVD publishing, has announced that, starting in January, all DVDs produced by its Pro DVD Transfer service will be enhanced to support OpenDVD.

This will enable producers — which include broadcast stations—to re-open and revise their CustomFlix-encoded titles months or even years later. To accomplish this, producers only need any copy of their DVD produced by CustomFlix, and an OpenDVD-compliant authoring package.

Combined with the CustomFlix model of on-demand DVD production, the addition of OpenDVD means that for the first time a video producer can update a title that is already in distribution at any time, without throwing away any inventory. When updates such as chapter additions, content updates, or text changes are required, customers can make changes on their own PCs without having to go back to the original videotapes.

CustomFlix said it would be the first company to integrate Sonic Solutions’ AuthorScript engine in a highly automated production facility to produce OpenDVD-compliant discs. Other companies that are also optimizing products with AuthorScript technology include Adobe Systems, Microsoft and Sony.

CustomFlix has adopted a video publishing model that emulates the print-on-demand model of book publishing. It helps broadcasters, video content owners, television producers distribute programming assets on DVD and videocassette without large upfront mastering and duplication costs. For more information visit or call (978) 626-0061.

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