Creative Group taps JVC Recorder for ‘Daily’ Blu-ray Dubs

New York-based post house Creative Group is using the JVC SR-HD1500 Blu-ray/HDD combo recorder, among other things, to produce daily 1080p Blu-ray dubs of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Comedy Central. The Blu-ray dubs will be used for advertising/marketing purposes, as well as masters for packaged content for consumers, and for archiving.

Creative Group’s chief engineer, Nick LaBorne, said the ability to produce Blu-ray Disc dubs is important for screening purposes. “The evolution went from 3/4-inch tape to VHS to DVD. Now we’re seeing more and more demand for Blu-ray,” he said in a statement.

The SR-HD1500 combo recorder offers FireWire, composite/S-Video, USB and SDHC card inputs. The units also have both HDMI and component outputs and a RS-232C terminal for external control. Creative Group says it uses the JVC Blu-ray/HDD combo decks in tandem with a VC-50HD HD-SDI video field converter from Edirol.

The deck is being used on a daily basis to produce a Blu-ray copy of the “Daily Show” — with each episode copied from a HDCAM (1080i) master tape to the JVC SR-HD1500’s internal 500 GB hard drive. It’s then pressed on a Blu-ray disc. Creative Group said the entire process takes a little longer than real time.