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CPAC Installs 2 TB Omneon Spectrum Server

CPAC, provider of Canadian Parliament coverage and public affairs programming is now using an Omneon Video Networks Spectrum file server in daily operations.

The 2 TB system is used for time shifting material, long-format programming, as well as storage and playout of interstitial content.

"We investigated Omneon implementations at other sites and found the Spectrum server system to be a reliable, modular and highly scalable system, versatile enough to handle multiformat decoding and encoding," said Eitan Weisz, CPAC technical operations manager. "As we continue to move toward tapeless operations, we expect it will play an integral role in handling incoming feeds and generating proxy files for newsroom editing at the desktop."

The CPAC Spectrum server system is being operated under the control of a Sundance automation system and was installed as part of a rebuilding and upgrading program.

CPAC is Canada's only privately owned, commercial-free, non-profit and bilingual television service. It was established in 1992 by Canadian cable television companies and reaches 9.4 million homes.