County Officials Want Control Over Denver TV Tower

Jefferson County officials are working to reach an agreement with Lake Cedar Group, which represents the Denver broadcasters that have begun work on a 730-foot tower on Lookout Mountain. The facility will transmit DTV signals from local Channels 4, 7, 9 and 20. As described in a previous RF Report, President Bush signed a bill allowing Lake Cedar Group to build the tower without local government land-use approval.

Local officials reportedly want to ensure that the towers are consolidated, as Lake Cedar Group originally proposed, and that the Group works "in good faith" with other broadcasters, such as Channel 2, to locate their antennas on the new tower instead of on a separate tower.

If Lake Cedar Group accepts the agreement, the county would ask that the zoning case be dismissed and would not challenge the federal law allowing the tower.

For additional information, see "Jeffco wants say on TV tower" by Ann Schrader in the Denver Post and "Jeffco seeks settlement on Lookout Mountain tower" by Charley Able, who has covered the Lookout Mountain story since the controversy started, in Rocky Mountain News.