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Cooke Optics Leads Group for Standardizing /i Technology Protocol

LAS VEGAS—The effort to standardize the collection of lens metadata from PL and selected Panavision mount lenses on the /i Technology protocol is being handled by a group of companies that include Cooke Optics, Panavision, Red Digital Cinema, Canon, Blackmagic Design, CW Sonderoptic and Sony.

Les Zellan

Cooke Optics originally developed the /i Technology, a metadata protocol that provides a digital open standard to gather and share lens data. These companies, along with others that make up the 30 /i Technology partners, are taking significant steps to recognize /i Technolgoy as an industry-wide standard language for metadata from PL mount lenses.

“Our goal has always been to give /i to the wider industry, in order to provide filmmakers and post-production teams around the world the crucial lens data they need, in a format that is universally recognized,” said Les Zellan, chairman and owner of Cooke Optics. “This collaboration takes us a big step closer to achieving that goal.”