Consumers want ‘green’ TVs, electronics

A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association finds that 89 percent of households want their next television to be energy efficient

Green has long been a primary color of television, and now consumers are onboard with it when it comes to televisions — 89 percent of households say they want their next television to be energy efficient.

The finding is part of a new report from the Consumer Electronics Association. It shows that a third of all consumers say they anticipate making some sort of environmentally friendly buy of consumer electronics in the next two years.

According to the study, “Going Green: An Examination of the Green Trend and What it Means to Consumers and the CE Industry,” price and features continue to be the primary purchase drivers for CE products, but green attributes will increasingly be a factor. In fact, 53 percent of consumers say they would be willing to pay some type of premium for televisions with green attributes.

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