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Consumer satisfaction with cable, satellite TV call centers lags

Cable TV and satellite TV subscriber satisfaction with customer service reps lags behind that of other industries, such as hotels, cell phone service providers and the personal computer industry, according to the findings of CFI Group.

In its second annual “Contact Center Satisfaction Index” study, CFI Group fund overall that customer satisfaction with contact centers is up. The latest study found that one in five customers end their contact center experience with unresolved problems. Such customers are half as satisfied with their contact center interaction and twice as likely to seek out competitive services or products.

CCSI data showed that 94 percent of satisfied customers would do business with the same company again and 91 percent would recommend. The percentages for unsatisfied customers are significantly lower. Only 62 percent said they would continue to be a customer and only 39 percent would recommend.

The CCSI uses the methodology of the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to calculate industry scores on ACSI’s 100-point scale. The CCSI industry scores are as follows:

• Banking (71)
• Cable and satellite TV (66)
• Cell phone service (72)
• Government (70)
• Hotels (78)
• Insurance (75)
• Multichannel retail (76)
• Personal computers (69)

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