Consumer satellite broadband to overtake broadband VSAT

A new report from international market research and consulting firm NSR indicates revenues from consumer satellite broadband services will overtake enterprise class broadband VSAT network services by 2013.

The report, “Broadband Satellite Markets, 7th Edition,” offers a comprehensive analysis of the global market for broadband VSAT networking, single-site satellite broadband Internet access and satellite broadband trunking and backhaul services in all regional markets.

For several decades, classic VSAT networking services for corporate and governmental clients have dominated the greater satellite broadband market. However, NSR anticipates that by the end of 2008, total subscribers to single-site satellite broadband Internet access services, mainly but not exclusively found in North America, will surpass the global installed base of broadband VSAT sites in the corporate and government market.

Additionally, by the end of the year, satellite capacity dedicated to single-site satellite broadband Internet access services will exceed that used by corporate and governmental VSAT networks. By 2013, total global revenues generated by satellite broadband Internet access services will top those from corporate and government broadband VSAT clients, according to the firm. By 2017, NSR anticipates that global satellite broadband Internet access revenues will hit $3.86 billion, up from $823 million in 2007.

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