Connected TV Sales on the Rise

A newer technology with a strong following, connected TVs are quickly becoming a major market force. Sets that feature internet connectivity and support Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) capability make up 55% of the available models across Japan, China, India, Europe and North America.

According to the “Quarterly TV Design and Features Report” a 200-page report recently released by DisplaySearch, this figure translates to 19% of flat panel shipments for this year, and is expected to reach 119 million units by 2014, accounting for 42% of TVs worldwide.

“We have seen DLNA as a solution in search of a problem for a long while, but with the surge in media streaming, the technology has found its place—creating business opportunities for TV set makers, broadcasters and retailers,” said Paul Gray, Director of TV Electronics Research. “The internet video battleground will take place in the living room, with all facets of the TV supply chain trying to stake claims. As a result, the competition is creating attractive new viewing choices for consumers, which underpins the value of the TV’s network connection.”

A continuing development in set technology is reduced energy consumption. Efficient LED backlights are expected to be included in 80% of LCD TVs shipped in 2014. Some sets being produced use only half the energy required by the ambitious 2013 California Energy Commission standard.