Confusion continues among ranks of HDTV owners

“USA Today” reported last week findings on an IDC survey that shows confusion is preventing many HDTV owners from fully enjoying their new sets.

While Americans are buying HDTVs at a healthy pace, confusion abounds, according to a Dec. 19 report in “USA Today.”

Quoting research findings from Framingham, MA-based researcher IDC, the newspaper reported that many HDTV owners don’t have a complete grasp of HD, and that’s preventing them from maximizing their viewer experience.

According to an IDC survey referenced in the article, 45 percent of TV shoppers polled said they had at least one HDTV in their home — a figure that’s significantly higher than this summer’s high-flying CEA HDTV household projection of 32 percent. The article says that the IDC survey shows that only 35 percent of HDTV owners receive HD programming from cable, satellite or over the air.

The article also reported that only 29 percent of those polled said they were “very familiar” with the February 2009 DTV transition.

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