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Conference USA Expands Sports Programming Possibilities

DALLAS – Conference USA has announced an initiative increasing their live sports output through a new broadcast model.

Partners with CBS College Sports Inc., C-USA has been testing new technology and forms of distribution. The firm recently produced two Rice University baseball games in HD, which were distributed over the internet and broadcast simultaneously on the CBS Sports Network via satellite.

C-USA chose sports industry veteran Tom Buffolano to design this workflow, reportedly the first of its kind. Its success has imbued confidence in the new delivery platform that can be supported through ad sales and sponsorship.

“The most challenging piece was to use best-in-class solutions that fit within a limited budget,” said Buffolano in a press release. “The fact that Rice University provided us with an excellent infrastructure was critical to our success.”

The test’s ultimate goal lies in creating a model for C-USA schools that require limited additional investment, enabling them to create new sponsorship opportunities and generate revenue through wider distribution.