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Concurrent shows ad insertion for VOD

Concurrent Computer has developed a patent-pending solution that enables the insertion of advertisements into on-demand programming that runs at normal speed. The technology protects the investment of the advertisers, and ensures that cable operators do not sacrifice advertising revenues when offering services such as video-on-demand (VOD).

The technology enables insertion of ads into the on-demand files that enable fast-forward and rewind, guaranteeing that commercial spots inserted within the original program run at normal playback speed, even if the subscriber chooses to fast-forward or rewind. The technology replicates the advertisements appearing in the original content, and inserts those advertisements in the on-demand trick files.

Concurrent patented this type of unique ad insertion capability to enable MSOs to offer uninterrupted opportunities to their advertising customers, while offering the latest on-demand services to their subscribers. The technology allows cable operators to maintain original advertisement integrity and enable a stable revenue model, while ensuring adherence to advertising contractual obligations.

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