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Comprompter develops news script reader for tablet PCs

Comprompter, a provider of news and automation software, has released a new feature for its NewsKing newsroom computer system — a real-time script reader that automatically syncs with the teleprompter to allow on-air anchors to read off of a handheld tablet PC. This functionality also allows scripts to be updated immediately for late-breaking stories.

With the reader loaded onto any tablet PC, anchors can hold the scripts in their hands and even see what’s coming up without turning the page, as NewsKing automatically keeps the top paragraph in the prompter on the top of the handheld display.

Once the show starts, the anchors merely have to glance down at any time and be assured that their copy will be the top paragraph on their display. All the visual elements are shown so each anchor knows whether they are on or off camera at any time. As the prompter scrolls through each script, the NewsKing reader moves the current text up to the top — a paragraph at a time.

Comprompter also offers auxiliary newsroom software for elections, school closings, Internet newscast publishing and voice-activated closed captioning.