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Company launches OEM mobile DTV receivers for cars

Ready to take your mobile TV on the open road? Hirschmann Car Communication, which produces TV receivers for autos, has teamed up with Siano Mobile Silicon, which produces mobile digital TV receiver chips. The team has begun rolling out models in Germany that fully support digital TV. Siano's chips support a wide variety of standards covering different regions worldwide, including CMMB for China, ISDB-T for Japan, DVB-T for Austrialia and Europe. Hirschmann Car Communication's technology is already used by numerous automobile manufacturers.

Hirschmann Car Communication chose Siano's mobile receivers because of the advanced technology of the chips but also the fact that they could withstand rugged mobile conditions and still be reliable. Any time mobile TV moves into an automobile a whole set of criteria must be met for reliability, and the company feels it can get that from Siano's devices. Siano's enhanced Antenna Diversity technology will provide a consistent signal and be able to deliver results consumers expect in an automotive experience. Hirschmann Car Communication is starting with a few models now but plans to deploy in many more in the coming year.