Commission seeks data on competition in video delivery for annual report

The commission launched its inquiry to complete the 11th annual report for Congress before the end of the year.

The FCC has announced the launch of its 11th annual inquiry into the state of competition in the delivery of video programming as required by Congress.

The FCC Notice of Inquiry, issued June 10, is intended to help the commission gather information, data and comments for the 2004 Competition Report, which will lay out competitive changes in the video distribution landscape since the issuance of the 2003 report.

The 2004 report, which will be delivered to Congress before the end of the year, will examine the prospects of new entrants to video distribution, the factors helping or hampering competition and the effects of competition on industry groups and consumers.

The Notice seeks information to:

Evaluate horizontal concentration in the video marketplace, vertical integration between programming distributors and programming services.

Examine technical issues on equipment and emerging services.

Understand developments in foreign markets that might affect the domestic competition.

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