Com-Cycle hosts recycling events for California businesses

Com-Cycle, a subsidiary of AERC Recycling Solutions, is sponsoring a number of electronic recycling events to take place throughout California that offer local businesses and residents an opportunity to responsibly dispose of their electronics. The first event occurred on Friday, Jan. 18, when Hayward residents and businesses were invited to drop off and recycle their old televisions, computers and other electronic equipment at Com-Cycle’s Hayward location.

Frank Alioto, president of Com-Cycle, said many Californians are unaware that throwing away certain electronic items, such as computer monitors and televisions, is illegal due to the environmentally sensitive materials they contain.

Under the company’s “Reuse, Refurbish and Recycle” initiative, Com-Cycle demanufactures and dissembles electronic equipment, harvests usable components, manages hazardous components and erases and destroys hard drives in accordance with the Department of Defense-approved program.

AERC/Com-Cycle guarantees that any equipment dropped off at any of its events will not end up in a landfill.

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