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Colombia chooses DVB-T

Colombia’s National Television Commission — La Comisión Nacional De Televisión (CNTV) — has announced the choice of DVB-T as the digital terrestrial television standard for Colombia.

The decision to adopt DVB-T was made after more than two years of analysis. Prior to the selection, testing was done on the ATSC developed by the United States, Japan’s ISDB-T, China’s DMB-T/H, and DVB-T.

“The eyes of neighboring countries were on us,” said Maria Carolina Hoyos Turbay, director of the CNTV, “and we can say that our process of analysis has resulted in a mature decision that gives us the peace of mind of having met the challenges facing Colombians and the future of television.”

As Colombia chose DVB-T, other Latin American countries are considering their own digital television systems. The selection is expected to influence many of those countries.

DVB has some 220 million receivers now getting cable, satellite and terrestrial services. DVB standards cover all aspects of digital television from transmission through interfacing, conditional access and interactivity for digital video, audio and data.