CNN debuts HD Studio in Atlanta

The Atlanta set boasts more than 50 "floating" HD monitors — including three 103-inch HD screens.
While much of CNN's programming these days originates from Washington and Manhattan, its home base (created 30 years ago in Atlanta by Ted Turner) remains a busy facility. It's also where the nation's first all-news channel this week unwrapped a new HD studio suite.

The HD set first seen by viewers on Monday morning, May 3, is located on the seventh floor of CNN's downtown Atlanta headquarters. It was designed by CNN's longtime partner, Clickspring Design.

Clickspring Design has also created HD-centric sets for CNN's Washington studios, as well as HD facilities for NBC News, Fox Business Channel, and several local stations. The design of the new CNN set "was conceived as three layers of visual information that support the simultaneous verbal and print delivery of the news stories, with each layer adding additional depth to the story," according to Clickspring Design. In other words, it's both complex and pretty to look at.

The Atlanta set includes a 270-degree rotating anchor desk, permitting multiple broadcasting angles and presentation sites. It also boasts more than 50 "floating" HD monitors — including three 103-inch HD screens, a touch-screen, a Perceptive Pixel interactive screen, a large HD rear-projection screen, and nine areas supported by LED floor and wall elements featuring updated text content. (CNN did not release specific set makers' names and models.) The HD studio also has a weather center.

The new studio will serve as home base for several network shows, such as "CNN Saturday Morning," "CNN Sunday Morning" and "Sanjay Gupta, MD."

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