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CNBC Routes with Miranda

Nvision 8500
Business channel CNBC has ordered a Miranda Nvision 8500 Hybrid embedded audio router with integrated audio processing, as well as another Kaleido-X multi-viewer, for its London-based facility.

The Nvision 8500, which offers 3Gbps/3D/HD routing and high performance audio processing in a single frame, will replace CNBC’s existing routing infrastructure to provide a more streamlined signal management operation and more effective redundancy. The router will integrate tightly with the Kaleido-X multi-viewer system to offer highly flexible monitoring.

“Miranda is one of the very first vendors to introduce embedded audio routing technology to the market", explains Neil Burt, Head of Technology, EMEA at CNBC. “The new router will allow us to mix and match any video and audio combination we need, and will also offer much more efficient management of our embedded audio. The router’s multiple levels of redundancy were also very important to us, with our emphasis on up-to-the minute, live content".

The Nvision 8500 Hybrid router integrates de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding in a single frame, allowing everyday signal processing tasks, like swapping program audio tracks, to be handled simply within the router frame. Advanced Hybrid router cards with audio processing can be mixed with regular input, crosspoint, and output cards to minimize costs.