Clemson Makes Slow Motion Fast With DNF

An in-house stadium production system at Clemson University is using the ST-304-DSR1K-T slow-motion controller from DNF Controls to enable fast, flexible slow-motion replay at Clemson Tigers soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball events while maintaining continuous record capability

The controller is deployed in a portable system with two Sony DSR-DR1000 hard disk drives.

“The DNF controller permits us to get replays up much more quickly than we could with tape, allowing us to mark cue points, access that video instantly, and play it out on the video board with excellent control at any speed,” said Rick Bagby, director of the school’s Athletic Video Services Department. “With the ability to provide more replays over the course of a game or match, we not only give our fans a more dynamic experience, but also increase revenue generation through sponsored replays.”

Bagby built the portable production system around the DNF Controls ST-304-DSR1K-T and Sony drives, adding one monitor for live action video and a second for cued material. The combination of the ST-304 and Sony DSR systems allows operators to mark cue points on the fly and play back video instantly, even as recording continues. The controller supports two record and two playback channels and provides a four-line display and a T-bar for fast, simple, and smooth slow-motion instant replay and single-keystroke cue marking for accessing up to 100 cue points.

The school’s earlier tape-based system required operators to “park” on a replay and suspend live recording until after playout, but the new solution allows immediate playback of marked clips without interruption of recording and the potential loss of a key point or play.