Clear-Com Supplies Intercoms for Olympics Coverage

China’s largest broadcaster has tapped Clear-Com to supply intercom systems to cover the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

“After rigorous comparison testing, it was evident that Clear-Coms products have the advanced technology and innovative solutions that are required for a broadcast as complex and as important to our country as the Olympic Games,” says Mr. Ding Wen-Hua, chief engineer at CCTV, China’s national broadcaster. “We were particularly impressed with the completely automatic and seamless switch-over from fiber to the backup high density, low latency VoIP link, which is unique to Clear-Com. We found that under the same conditions, other systems require a reboot, which can take over 60 seconds or involve a manual intervention like rerouting communication lines, and that can mean precious time during a broadcast.”

Clear-Com’s communication network will provide a link for CCTV between the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC), the hub of all broadcasting activities for the Olympic Games, and CCTV’s new Television Culture Centre (TVCC), which will house administration along with news, broadcasting, studios and program production.

The buildings are more than 20km apart and will be networked using Clear-Com’s fibre link technology with a redundant VoIP connection as an automatic failover backup to ensure continuous connectivity between IBC and TVCC.