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City of Fairfax Automates New Broadcast Facility with Nverzion

The city of Fairfax, Va., has chosen Nverzion automation for the Washington suburb’s newest single-channel broadcast facility.

The customized automation solution will ensure Fairfax residents receive uninterrupted news, local information, city council meetings, and, when necessary, emergency message alerts, while providing the city opportunities to grow its broadcasts to meet future requirements.

Local systems integrator Professional Products Inc., based in Gaithersburg, Md., recommended Nverzion to the city.

A central element of the Fairfax automation installation is the NControlite Video Server Spot-Playout Software Package. This suite of applications includes Nverzion’s NGest dub station software to manage the frame-accurate transfer of content from one source to a record destination while also supporting backup devices, archival, and file trimming.

The package also includes NControl, a sequential event playlist for simple server automation; NBase, a media database to manage Fairfax’s video server clips and source tapes; and NView, an easy access database “window” enabling the operator to view, filter, sort and edit media database fields.

EMC-lite (Ethernet Machine Control) was also included, providing Fairfax with configuration control to manage several serial devices, including one 360 Systems video server, a Pesa Video/Audio router and multiple VTR machines.