Chyron launches online division

Looking to evolve its business model and move into new territory, Chyron has launched a new online division called Chyron Online that looks to change how graphics are created for on-air broadcasters and the Internet. Supporting this new vision, the company has acquired AXIS Graphics, a Web-based graphics production company located in New York City, valued at $3 million in cash and stock.

Chyron CEO Michael Wellesley-Wesley said the new technology, which offers Web-based tools to create, composite and distribute graphic content, reduces the cost of graphics production while increasing quality. He said the new online division will support more than 150 TV station clients.

Through the AXIS Graphics Web site, Chyron Online will offer a variety of Web-based services customized to each client’s unique brand. This includes high-resolution maps, real-time weather displays, 3-D charts and graphs, financial quotes and a set of tools to create graphics for newscasts.

The acquisition of AXIS Graphics will enhance Chyron’s business around the world, Wellesley-Wesley said. Not only does the AXIS technology integrate with Chyron’s existing broadcast products, it also expands the company’s reach to include nonbroadcast clients like newspapers, radio stations, mobile phone and digital media producers.

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