China: New ‘Film Fest & Tech Expo’ Coming to Macao

The first International Digital Cinema Festival & Entertainment Technology Expo has been slated for Dec. 3-5 in Macao, China.

According to Austin, Texas-based HD filmmaker/pioneer Randall Dark, who is helping organize the 3-day event, the expo is being designed to “interweave leading entertainment companies and broadcasters in China with global leaders in technology, manufacturers and world-class content creators.” Dark said the expo will include broadcasters, filmmakers, new-media experts, and technology from around the world.

China, the site of the most recent summer Olympics and the world’s most populous country, recently began airing some programming in HD. The nation also recently unveiled its own version of Blu-ray (using blue ray technology based partly, ironically, on the now-defunct HD DVD system).

Dark told HD Notebook the new festival is being assembled with the full support of the Chinese government and will invite several prominent Chinese filmmakers and industry leaders to participate. The confab also will include an exhibits area. (More details on digital cinema screenings and other events at the expo are expected to go online in the near future.)

Dark said the team behind the December event includes Createasphere, Burma Road Productions, and Randall Dark Productions.