CES2008: ‘HANA Home’ Demos Wireless HD Networking

The High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance (HANA) is hosting a four-room home demo of its prototype HD networking system at CES this week. The scheme concurrently distributes five wireless HD content streams throughout the dwelling via coax cable. The internal home network allows distribution and access of HD content on other devices in the house.

The network connects all home media devices into a wireless network that can be controlled by a single remote. The options include to TV viewing, time-shifting, recording live TV and pushing the content from room to room wirelessly with what HANA said is “400 Mbps guaranteed quality.”

The alliance’s technology was unveiled two years ago and continues to deal exclusively with HD content. Partners and sponsors include: Texas Instruments, Samsung, Cablevision, Pulse~Link, Firecomms, IntellaSys, Newnex, VividLogic, Oxford Semiconductor and trade group 1394.