CES: Gigle to Unveil HD Broadband Switcher

A home network management system that is designed to automatically switch users between a home wireless and a broadband network in order to stream HD content will be demo-ed this week at CES by Gigle Networks (Booth: South 1 20301 and Hilton suite 560).

Gigle said its switcher's automatic transfer between Wi-Fi and a powerline-carrier (PLC) to maintain streaming-A/V quality over a home network. (At CES, Gigle plans to stream HD video across a Wi-Fi/PLC network that uses the Wi-Fi 802.11n and HomePlug AV industry standards.)

A Gigle official recently toldTV Technology sister publication TWICE that "the biggest challenge to date with a Wi-Fi-only or PLC-only implementation is the lack of quality of service when either transport fails." Gigle is marketing its switcher as "a major breakthrough in intelligent home networking management."

The company plans to demo its "fail-over mechanism" that is prompted upon failure of either transport (Wi-Fi or HPAV).

Gigle's technology (Xtendnet) was designed to continually monitor the performance of both networks, where the firm expects its new technology to eventually be embedded within CE products.