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CES: DirecTV Reportedly Eyeing First 3D Channel

As far as rumors go, it’s one of the most widely circulated (and very pointedly undenied) of them all going into the 2009 International CES Show next week: Several published reports state flatly that DBS firm DirecTV plans to launch the world’s first 3D HD channel in early 2010.

If accurate, the newly available content for the firm’s subs would require both a 3D-equipped HD set (and the requisite glasses) in order to see the light, as it were. One Web site, HD Guru, which originated the story citing its own sources, said DirecTV will announce its 3D plans at CES.

DirecTV reportedly sent a new satellite into orbit this week (Dec. 28), giving it vastly more spectrum capacity in which to launch more HD channels, including the 3D variety. The new bird will not be fully operational until perhaps March.

One scenario accompanying the news items suggest that current DirecTV HD-tier subs could receive a firmware upgrade in order to receive HD 3D content (although a new 3D TV set would still be a necessity).

Several major set makers are expected to exhibit new 3DTV sets at CES, including LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.